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Experience Yoga in a Whole New Way

I talk about Ecotherapy a lot in my previous posts. I think I may have left out that my all time favorite Ecotherapy practice is Yoga.

Now if you have the winter blues and it’s too cold outside, stay inspired with a beautiful, scenic yoga mat

When you are at your Yoga studio, fellow yogis may wish they could have a beautiful scene underneath them while they practice. They may just think you’re so cool and want to go on a hike with you after and now you have a new best friend to enjoy wonderful activities with.

If you are outside practicing your yoga, you’ll never keep your eyes away from the beauty of this world because it’s not only in front of you, it’s on your yoga mat.

Just click on a mat to customize and buy it through Fine Art America!


moo-moo-meadows-holly-cyrTo purchase a yoga mat just click on the one you like and it will bring you to our Fine Art America website. All orders are refundable.

Once you are on our Fine Art America website you can browse our other photos and turn them into yoga mats or other awesome products.

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy and thank you for the support! Check out our other posts to learn about living in the woods, Ecotherapy and more!

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