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Kill Your Negative Self

Sometimes we hate on ourselves hard and don’t even realize it. Sometimes we think about what others think and put fake judgments of ourselves in our heads. Sometimes we feel depressed or sad for no reason at all.

Well I’m excited to share with you that I just read this awesome article about killing your negative self and I can’t wait to start practicing their tactics! (I’ll post their link at the bottom.)


There are a few tactics that really stood out to me and I thought I should share.

They say to kill your negative self right in your tracks.

They say don’t give yourself too much credit.

The one tactic that really stood out is to ridicule your negative thoughts. Mock your negative thoughts.

This is so exciting to me. I can’t believe I never thought of this on my own. It’s exciting because whenever anyone throws negativity at me or any doubts I always lash out with mocking them. I usually repeat what they say in a high pitch silly voice .

Boy does it bother them! I’m in no way saying its right to mock people either. In fact I hurt a lot of people who had no intentions on hurting me with their negative feelings. (I just do it in my head now and smile at them)

The reason I find this exciting is because I can’t wait to hurt my negative self’s feelings. My negative self is already hurting me and throwing negativity at me, dragging me down into a hole. What better way to get out of this hole than to mock the negative self and kill your negative self??

By mocking our bad thoughts we are only hurting the negative thoughts.

Negative to negative? We were always taught to kill with kindness. This is so true with other people.

But it makes sense to kill negative within ourselves with mockery. I just don’t see anything wrong with it.

It excites me.

I’m always battling my thoughts. So I can’t wait to try this new tactic.

The mocking of our negative self makes it less important.

It gives us back our control!!

I don’t believe these thoughts always come from us either even though they are inside us.

So much outside of us can influence our feelings and we can’t always trust our feelings.

Another thing they mentioned in the article is to question our thoughts or feelings.

Sometimes I get bad feelings but no thoughts that follow it. So I can challenge myself and figure out where these bad feelings are coming from.

So instead of ignoring the feelings I can face them head on and figure it out.

Questioning our feelings helps us get to know ourselves better.

Its kind of crazy to think we don’t even fully know ourselves. We are constantly learning ourselves. We are also constantly changing so of course it makes sense to question ourselves. That is a great way to get to know others so yes it is a great way to get to know ourselves!

All the tactics in this article are great. I’ve mentioned writing in a previous article and this one also mentions writing. But they say to write your negative thoughts with the opposite hand you usually write with!

They say it makes the negative thoughts look smaller and childish.

Anyway, before I take your time away with my rambling I suggest reading the actual article I’m talking about. Thank you and enjoy!

Click here to read this awesome article!!!

Also before you go, here is a calming photograph of a misty river to sooth the soul


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E-Bike Adventures: Biking North Conway part 5&6

Here they are, the last two videos of the intense day of biking North Conway!
Let’s start with part 5:

This is a fast downhill ride. Of course Adam is the one wearing the GoPro. (I’m too slow)
Anyway, this ride is the rest of the descend of Black Cap Mountain. This bottom half was much easier to ride. It seemed to smooth out, probably because we are getting lower in elevation. So if you like watching fast downhill mountain biking, this is a good watch!

Here’s part 6:

This video concludes the adventure of Biking North Conway. In the beginning of the video features some fast downhill as we finish the Black Cap Mountain trail. The rest of the video shows some of the mountain bike trails that twist and turn all over the place. These trails are great for riding. They are nice and smooth and much easier than climbing hurricane road, climbing black cap etc. I am not sure what we were thinking.

Adam wants to go back and just focus on the trails that were actually designed for mountain biking. So we shall see!

Unfortunately the GoPro died so we didn’t get to film us riding through town back to the campsite.

I did capture this sweet little view on the way back with my point and shoot. It felt like a treat (even though I didn’t get a great view in the mountains) It was still a great treat!


I will say that once we got back to the campsite, I felt like I was in heaven and that I just conquered the world.


Lucky for me, the campsite was right on a river beach. No one was even on the beach so I had the whole place to myself. I let my skin and bones soak in the sun. I was so sore. This was definitely the craziest ride so far. But this is only our second year with these bikes so here’s to many more!!


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E-Bike Adventures: Biking North Conway NH part 3

click here to watch video in full HD on youtube

Here is our 3rd part of our North Conway adventure!

This is after we crossed the first road from where I left off in the last post. This video features some twists and turns on fairly flat trails. Toward the end of the video we find our way through a strange place with forts, ropes little buildings and then enter the mount Cranmore resort area.

After the video cuts out is where our true adventure begins.

We try to figure out if we want to climb Cranmore right up on the ski trails or go another way. We study google maps and make a quick decision to climb Hurricane Rd, climb up Black Cap mountain off Hurricane Rd, descending down the mountain and somehow make our way to Cranmore.

Unfortunately, I didn’t record climbing the road. But let me tell you, it was absolutely crazy.

The road is a steep seasonal unmaintained mountain road in the White Mountains region in North Conway.

Our ebikes were maxed out on power. We used a lot of our human power to climb this crazy road.

The funny part to me is that we never stopped to take a break and the ebike was powerful enough that we could still chit chat on our climb.

My legs were burning!! I kept thinking to myself,

“I have to climb another mountain and somehow find my way back to our campsite?”

At this point in our trip we were 15 miles away from our campsite, now climbing a mountain road and trying to find the next mountain trail.

I was super nervous about this ride but I kept my mouth shut and just went with the flow.

It took us a while to find the Black Cap mountain trail. We went up and down parts of Hurricane Mt road probably 4 times trying to find the trail. We finally found it, just up the road a little bit from where we were looking.

So now I’m exhausted from the up and down and searching but again, I just kept my mouth shut. I wanted my boyfriend to enjoy himself and not hear any of my personal doubts.

So we finally find the trail for Black Cap mountain and we start the climb. We never even took a break. People on the trail giggled and couldn’t believe what we were doing.

Since it was a hiking trail there were man made steps out of stones and logs so we were literally climbing stairs on our bikes.

After about a 1 mile climb that went up probably another 1,000 feet we made it to a very little, over grown outlook. It was enough for me to hoot holler and celebrate I made it!

We took a break here for probably less than 10 minuets. I snapped a couple photos and handed the gopro off to my boyfriend because it was all downhill from here.

We were about 2,500 feet up in elevation. About 15 miles from our campsite. Our campsite was our next destination.

I’m about to descend the mountain with my legs burning. We don’t know what to expect but I know I’m already tired and extremely sore.

Stay tuned for my next post!

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E-Bike Adventures: Biking North Conway NH part 2

Click here to watch on YouTube in HD.

In my previous post I said it may be an 8 part video. Well I over exaggerated and it is now a 6 part series after completing my edits.

This is part 2 of the 6 part adventure in North Conway NH. For some reason on my YouTube channel all the videos uploads are not in order.

Anyway, This video features some smooth mellow riding. Not many hill climbs even though we are in the White Mountain region. I felt very confident while filming this. I had no worries and was feeling very good.

After this video ends, we end up crossing some roads to the next trail. Unfortunately I did not pay much attention to where we were so I can’t name the trails. We didn’t have much of a plan at this point in our ride.

This video is about 5 miles of riding on the flat(er) parts. I mean later on we did climb a mountain so I have to say this is flat compared to what is to come.

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Getting to Know Yourself With Writing: Depression and Anxiety

“You need to observe your own mind and get to know yourself. Be confident with yourself. Everything you see and encounter is a reflection of yourself. Like a magnet you attract things in your life. So I am just going to be. Allowing my feelings to be as they want…” – Holly Cyr

This is a passage from my personal journal that I just came across. I wrote this back in May 2014.

This whole journal entry was me expressing my depression, my life, my feelings. I asked many questions and at the end of my entry I wrote my own advise without the intentions of doing so.

The truth is, I deal with depression and anxiety almost daily. I’m sure many of us do.

I want to let you know that we are not alone.

I want to tell you it’s not easy to cope with depression and anxiety in any form. I know I have advise but sometimes it is hard for me to follow.

I have learned that in my personal life, my depression comes in waves. I will be very happy and then very sad. There are usually no reasons for the feelings of sad and usually no reasons for the feeling of happy. I, at least never see them.

I can only share my own experiences and can’t speak for yours but, my favorite way of coping with my own depression and anxiety is writing in my journal in a nature themed environment.

Sometimes its even hard to remind myself of this healing hobby. But once I do, I feel a relief as if a weight has lifted off my shoulders.

If you have never tried writing in a personal journal, I really encourage you to try it out.

I will go hiking and write at the top of the mountain. I will sit on a swing and write. I will sit by the river and write. It doesn’t matter if I make any sense when I write. There’s no judgements, no expectations and for some reason I always end up writing my own advise. The tricky part for me is to follow it.

I believe that lodging these nice thoughts in my mind could subconsciously help so, follow me if you will.

I find peace in writing. It helps slow my emotions down a little. I try to take deep breaths while I write. I feel at ease when I write. I can rant and vent and talk about anything in my journal. Then I don’t even have to read what I wrote!

I never reread what I write in my personal journal the day I write it.

I do, however, read my old journal entries days, months or years later. Just like I did today.

The entry I read today helped me tremendously. It helped to slow me down. I think that helps a lot. Slowing down.

Sometimes though, you are so down you don’t need to slow down. But when you are that down take the time to feel what you are feeling.

That’s what this post is really about. Just allow yourself to be and to feel no matter what it is. No judgments on yourself. Also don’t listen to the judgments of others.

Learn about yourself. Get to know yourself. Even the darkest parts of yourself . it might help you get to know others as well. It might teach empathy. It might teach calm and stillness.

I have noticed that when I let my feelings be, no matter what they are, they always pass. Just like clouds. It could be the cloudiest day ever but you know it won’t stay like that forever. Just like your feelings. Just like everything in this world.

Everything is constantly changing. Feelings are temporary and I feel that we sometimes forget that in the moment. It is okay to forget, just don’t let it take over.

Try to practice letting it be. Just let yourself be no matter what. Find the peace in all, even the negative.

It is a hard practice for sure. Watching your mind is a hard practice. But really all we can do is try to let it be.

Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me. Now go enjoy your day somewhere with nature!


Here’s a random picture of my friend and my dog just being 🙂