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Sugar River Recreational Rail Trail: E-Mountain Bike Ride

Click here to watch the YouTube video in HD

It was a quiet, dark day in the beautiful New Hampshire. This video above will explain itself how much fun it is. I’m being my fun silly self, all over the place so don’t mind me in the video. At least I crack myself up.

We parked on the side of a random dirt road near this covered bridge. I honestly can’t remember the name of the road we parked on. We walked our dogs up and down before our ride. I don’t ride with my dog anymore after an off leash dog viciously attacked him. It’s much safer if I’m at his level. Its unfortunate but they can still run with us in our woods!

I thought this ride was super scenic and mellow. Being amongst the mountains and little farms was dream land in my eyes. We were cruising at about 14 miles per hour, sometimes 20 at times during our ride.

The only con about this trail were the needles we found in the middle of it!! It was only in one spot thank God. Another good reason I didn’t bring my dog. It is absolutely disgusting and I wish everyone had a love for nature to pick up after themselves and take care of themselves. But we didn’t let that ruin our day!

I feel like Claremont is a special town. It’s a quaint, cute little mountain mill town. It seems like there is a dark cloud above the town though. What I mean by that is we could just feel there was a huge drug problem. Not just from the sight of the needles but riding through, we had a gut feeling.

It still holds magic in there, deep within.

I recommend this trail to anyone. Walk it, run it, ebike it! Just try it out. We did it in the rain and want to go again

Thanks for reading and watching the video.

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E-bike Adventures: A Mellow Downhill Ride.

Click here to watch in full HD

This ride is at Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire. They call this “Little Bear”.

It is a super mellow, flowy downhill. It’s not too extreme, but there are some rocks and roots, a little rock jump and other minor obstacles.

I always get scared on downhill and I didn’t think this one was too scary. I still need to get the courage to let gravity take me. Downhill riding is definitely a weakness of mine. I will work on this throughout this summer.

This is only the beginning of what is to come!

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E-bike adventures: Ridge Riding at Bear Brook State Park

Click here to watch HD on youtube

This ride was one of the first in the season, as you can see with the snow in spots. Surprisingly this spring was a dry one so we could ride this state park with no problem!

This ride, being one of the first for me was exhausting! People may say you don’t get as much exercise with an e-bike, but for me it is plenty. I can still ride up the hills with a little assistance (from my pedal assist motor) and still get my heart rate going. I just don’t have to walk the bike. I rarely ever walk the bike, which makes these bikes that much more awesome. It’s all about the ride and if you want a good enduro through ride but you’re not sure if you’re in the best shape, an e-bike is where it’s at.

This ridge ride was thrilling and challenging. I had adrenaline pumping through my system. That may have also been why it felt like a workout. I highly recommend this ride. I’m not even sure if my bike can legally ride here but there are no signs telling me not to. Hopefully that doesn’t make me a bad person, I’m just here to ride and have fun!!