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Getting back into art and watercoloring!

I suddenly feel inspired! The last few days have been extremely hot, 94 degree days with humidity making it feel over 100 degrees. The heat leads to me not wanting to do anything, not wanting to do anything leads to boredom and the boredom leads to me pondering about what to do!

I decided I wanted to draw some leaves and flowers, ecotherapy it up, ya know? So I head out to the yard, grab a couple of cool looking leaves, a little flower, I sit down in the shade with my little sketchbook and a pen and just go to town.

Well, for some reason drawing with a pen, or even a pencil just leaves me feeling totally antsy. I’m not sure why, maybe I just don’t like it. But I really wanted to do art. So I pondered some more.

Then I came to the realization! I tried water colors before, and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t need to draw lines with a pen, it wasn’t about lines, it was about blobs. I just blobbed the paper and boom I had an image. I painted a giraffe. I used happy pretty colors and It really brought joy. Not saying drawing doesn’t bring joy, I think I just don’t like line drawing or black and white. I think I really I like painting blobs that end up looking like an image in the end.

I still think we and I should all practice different types of art, just to see what really works for us. I can’t wait to get back into water colors. I’m buying my supplies on Amazon, I really love Amazon, I don’t have to go into a physical store, no waiting in lines. I can literally shop while I’m sitting in the woods… Can it get any better?

So my next little project will be to paint some leaves and flowers instead of drawing with a pen and see how I feel and I will update you guys!

Thanks for reading! Do you prefer drawing with lines or painting with blobs?

Also my Giraffe painting is for sale as a print in my etsy shop, click here or click on the picture if you’d like. Thank you! I wrote a little background story on the Giraffe painting as well.

One more thing, the links to Amazon are affiliate links and if you purchase something, I get a small commission. So if I inspired you to buy some watercolors, Thank you again!!

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I Find Mountains to be Healing

There is something truly magical about the mountains.

Every time I encounter a mountain or even a hill I feel a sense of well-being and uplifting energy. Even when I’m in the worst of moods and I encounter a mountain, all my feelings disperse and vanish before the beauty.

It is a wonderful thing that I’ve found such healing in the simplicity of looking at a mountain.

Something even more healing to me is taking a photo. I just love taking photos. I feel inspired, happy, calm and excited all at the same time. My anxiety turns into excitement, my sorrows turn into smiles, my heart softens and melts to the mountains.

I can’t speak for everyone’s experiences. I have memories of not always feeling this way about the mountains. It came to me over time. It really started after college. I went to school for cinematography. All my short films I made happened to be at my local mountains in my home town. After seeing my projects come together I felt fulfillment.

I also got into painting during this time. I used oil paintings and would look at my photographs of mountains then paint them on canvas with oil paint. The movements of the peaks and the imperfections, yet they seemed perfect to me usually brought me calm feelings.

Then, I got my dog and I really started to climb these mountains. Walking with my dog through the mountains gave me time for reflection. I felt all kinds of feels and noticed I released a lot of pain and emotions to the mountains.

My hope in you reading this is that I hope you can find what moves you. What makes you smile and what you find healing. I feel so empowered that I can release my emotions in a healthy way to the mountains.

Really pay attention to when you feel happy. Notice what kind of situation you are in, what you are doing, your surroundings and really acknowledge them. Once you figure out what makes you tick, you gain a lot of control and power to your life.

Try walking in the woods, hills or mountains and see how you feel. Find a view and photograph them. I can’t be the only one who feels so good about mountains and rolling hills. I suggest trying it out for yourself. If you live in flat lands, walk through a field or forest or even the desert and see how you feel.

Good day to all. Now go to the woods!!!

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Just Picture Yourself doing it

I’ve been learning to accomplish obstacles and goals by picturing myself doing it.

I apply this method with biking a lot, but I also apply this to everyday life.

What I mean really by picturing yourself doing it is to truly believe you can do it and seeing the end result exactly how you want it to be done.

I believe when you picture yourself doing it, you are also creating the energy that needs to be there in order to get the job done.

Everything is energy, right? So if we have a bad, negative attitude such as doubts and disbelief, we probably won’t get very far because our energy is down and will keep you stuck.

You’re exactly as you think you are.

If you think positive and have an “I can do it” attitude and you see yourself succeeding then you are more likely to succeed and do well. It’s also so much more fun seeing yourself succeed than to fail.

So throw your fears away and get after what you want to get in life.

Like in this video, I was terrified of some of these trails, but I pictured myself doing it and guess what, I did it and had fun!!

Make sure to change the quality to the highest resolution before watching. Thank you for reading!!

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Experience Yoga in a Whole New Way

I talk about Ecotherapy a lot in my previous posts. I think I may have left out that my all time favorite Ecotherapy practice is Yoga.

Now if you have the winter blues and it’s too cold outside, stay inspired with a beautiful, scenic yoga mat

When you are at your Yoga studio, fellow yogis may wish they could have a beautiful scene underneath them while they practice. They may just think you’re so cool and want to go on a hike with you after and now you have a new best friend to enjoy wonderful activities with.

If you are outside practicing your yoga, you’ll never keep your eyes away from the beauty of this world because it’s not only in front of you, it’s on your yoga mat.

Just click on a mat to customize and buy it through Fine Art America!


moo-moo-meadows-holly-cyrTo purchase a yoga mat just click on the one you like and it will bring you to our Fine Art America website. All orders are refundable.

Once you are on our Fine Art America website you can browse our other photos and turn them into yoga mats or other awesome products.

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy and thank you for the support! Check out our other posts to learn about living in the woods, Ecotherapy and more!

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How to Kick the Winter Blues

The winter blues is a battle. Its cold out, we get grumpy. We need more clothes to wear, we get weighted down. But we don’t need to let any of those factors control us.

We can over come the battle by going with it and letting it pass through us.

Let the winter blues smack you and then power charge you.

Be sad, be upset and then see the other side. See it wasn’t so bad. Don’t brace yourself, don’t try to control or fight it. Be flexible, go with all the feelings.

The hard part is letting yourself feel . we don’t like these bad feelings so why would we let ourselves feel this way?

Well its natural and normal since life is waves so when we have ups we have downs and vise versa.

When we let ourselves feel, it’s also giving space and room for peace. The peace of mind we get from letting go can teach you as well. We can learn and grow by watching our own feelings.

My favorite way to go through the winter blues is to do things, such as outdoor activities and treating myself.

I love to drink warm yummy drinks like tea hot coco, coffee, broth. Taking a warm bath, use or Save up for a hot tub, take a warm shower, run your fingers and hands under warm water, I love warm things. Anything warm can really help kick the winter blues.

After you warm yourself up and gain energy, you can bundle up and find the kid in you again by sledding or building a snowman and other ecotherapy activities.

I love to put on a full body snow suit and just send it down the hill with no worries of snow in my pants or up my jacket. I always find myself in uncontrollable laughter when sledding.

You can read more ways to treat yourself when you have the winter blues in this ecotherapy post.

I say this a lot but don’t dwell on the blues feelings. Go with them like the wind or a wave. Like I talk about a million gazillion times. Life is waves! Which is great and exciting because once the wave crashes, once the winter blues battles is over we will feel better .

Our motivation will come back and our lives will have a little sense on purpose again.

Hope this post helps a little bit.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to think about yourself and treat yourself once in a while.