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We moved the Tiny House!

This was our first official big move, other than purchasing the home and moving it to our original off grid spot. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that at our original off grid spot, we have two different lots on the land. We have a summer spot and a winter spot. Both spots over there have its perks, I will get into that in another post maybe one day.

This winter though, we really had the vision of moving to a mountain resort. We wanted to move here because we are both in love with the mountains and do many mountain activities. This mountain also happens to be only 30 miles from our original off grid spot. If we really enjoy this season we might plan to do this move every year! The reason we planned to move to a mountain resort is mainly because Adam loves to snowboard and I enjoy to ski. I also love to hike, so moving to a mountain resort was the perfect idea in our eyes

Over the summer Adam prepped the home. He added new tires, brakes, lights, insurance, registration and probably more I’m not even aware of. We both worked full-time over the summer so it took time to prep our tiny house. We also didn’t want to rush things so we can continue our more stress free lifestyle.

So in October we paid our rent to the resort and reserved our seasonal “campsite” for the winter. We were told no water but free electricity. So we are technically on the grid, but to reserve power we still have our off grid set up going on here.

In November the big move day came. I basically destroyed the place inside before the road did and Adam worked on the outside making sure everything was in check. I think it took about 3 hours to prep for our move. Hopefully with practice we can get faster at moving it.

We are very fortunate that Adam’s parents live right down the road from our original off grid spot, so Adam’s dad agreed to help us move to our new spot with his big Chevy pick up truck.

I was so scared before this thing went on the road. I was basically on the verge of a panic attack. I had visions of the thing breaking in half or windows exploding. The fear of the unknown was real that day.

Adam’s dad is used to towing a huge 38 foot camper that they own so this was no big deal to him. That was a huge relief in my mind. Our tiny home is 40 foot. The only difference is our home is a little bit taller. We made sure there were no bridges on our route. We were set to hit the road.

Our first stop was at Adam’s parents house, where they have a shop. They made sure the tires had enough air there and checked for more safety. Then we hit the road officially.

It looked a little bit more normal on the road than I expected. I was surprised actually. I drove behind them and had my camera in my lap so I snapped a few pictures. (I don’t recommend taking pictures while driving I mainly did it while I was at a stop.)

It took only 40 minutes to get to the mountain resort. Of course going in couldn’t be that simple. There is a gate at the entrance and the gate didn’t want to let us in! It kept crashing down so Adam lifted it up and forced it to stay open. (Shhhh) they eventually fixed it a few weeks later and we are still here, luckily.

So yea, it took a bit to settle in. I have to get used to the new surroundings. We have some full-time RVers in the park, so we have neighbors, which is very new to us. We are now learning to respect our neighbors and teaching our dog manners. (Because they enjoy barking)

It is much different coming from the woods into a little tiny house neighborhood. So far though, life is great.

We literally got here a day before the first snow storm and it has been snowing every week since the move. There are great things to be said about living in a campground at a mountain resort maybe I’ll write a new post about that.

Thanks for reading. I will keep you updated on some adventures at our new mountain resort spot! Thanks for reading. Now I’m going on a winter wonderland walk. See ya!

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How to Heat an off grid home

How to heat your off grid home

Now you’ve picked a place to live, getting all settled in or maybe you’re planning to live off grid and you want to efficiently heat your home.

Well, this post will talk about the sources and fuel we’ve decided to use and how it has worked for us.

This is an honest opinion post and everything we will talk about are things we have done, tried and figured out already for ourselves.

I’ll tell you how you can think about different factors to figure out how you want to heat your home.

Take these as ideas and let this post lead you to your goals.

To figure out the best way to heat your home, you need to figure out the square footage of your house. This will allow you to determine the amount of BTU’s needed. Then you will know what heat source size you will need.

You need to think about where you live, how the climate is, where you will get fuel, how much it costs and how much you want to spend.

For us, we live in a wooded area, live off grid, and the temperatures drop below freezing for long periods of time so we decided the easiest and most efficient way is to use a wood stove and propane heater.

The propane heater is a convection heater sold by Mr. Heater. The model name is called “big buddy.”

It can be run on two one pound propane bottles. Making it very portable.

We run ours on a 30 pound propane tank with a 6 foot long hose and regulator .

We only use this heater when the wood stove is warming up. When you use this heater to just raise the temperature in the room. It is very efficient and a 30 pound tank lasts for months.

With this type of heater you will always want a carbon monoxide detector and proper ventilation.

Our favorite way to heat the tiny house is with our wood stove. We went with the cheapest stove. It’s really not a bad stove for the price we paid.

It’s small, doesn’t take up much room in our tiny house. Being small it’s also not too heavy so we can move it easily to clean or rearrange.

Again, when deciding your heat source think about factors. Think about the materials your home is made of. Learn all the options you can heat your home with. Like using a wood stove is dry and using a propane heater actually raises the humidity level.

I suggest doing your own research when you are trying to heat your home to get it just the way you want.

You also need to think about the fuel you will use.

For the wood stove we use cut wood found around our property from dead trees.

We use fire logs and blocks mainly. One type of fire log we use is called the envirolog.

These burn for about 3 hours. They are super easy to light and made from recycled materials that are eco-friendly.

We also use kiln-dried compressed saw dust blocks. These burn slower, from around 4-8 hours depending on how hot you burn your fire. It takes a little skill and practice to master these.

We figured out it is best to start a little twig or kinlin fire first, let them turn to hot coals and then put your block on.

We light both of these up for when we hang out in the house during the day when its freezing out. We like to light them before bed throughout the night too.

We don’t light them at the same time. We change it up here and there.

It is certainly work which ever way you choose to heat your home. We are constantly chopping wood, gathering our blocks, collecting kindling, emptying the ashes, stoking the stove and building fires.

But this is the type of work that is rewarding in the end. You are nice and toasty warm.

There’s also just something nice about a wood stove, it really sets a good cozy atmosphere.

I also find some ecotherapy in collecting, gathering, chopping and lighting fires. So the work is rewarding too!!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us how you chose to heat your home. Tell us about the structure of your home and the climate you live in. We love hearing stories.

This post also contains affiliate links that leads you to the products we use everyday. If you buy from these links you give this website a small commission at no extra cost to you and you can be nice and warm in your tiny home.

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Stop worrying about money

Let today be the day you stop worrying about money.

These are some of my ideas and views on money. 

I believe it is better to look at money in a positive and creative way rather than to give any kind of negative energy to the thought of that cash flow.

Money flows like waves. It comes and then it goes. Just like the tide, in and out.

I also look at money like a game. Not like the gambling games. More like The Game of Life or Monopoly. Make some fun out of it.

I personally like jotting down all my thoughts and questions in a journal. It helps give me an organized feel. If you want, while reading this post, answer some of the questions and let yourself write whatever comes to mind while reading this post.

To change your views on money, you first need to catch yourself and acknowledge the way you are reacting to your thoughts on money.

Are you happy, sad, scared, envious, angry, excited, worried, neutral?

Figure out how you feel about money. Either way, positive or negative, this post may give you new ideas about money worries.

Once you figure out how you feel towards money give yourself a little bit of breathing room. Try to separate your emotions from money.

Remind yourself that you’re here and the world hasn’t ended yet.

There is light at the end of the money tunnel!


The good news is there are trillions of dollars out in the world right now. All this money is just hanging out in other people’s pockets and bank accounts. There is plenty to share. We live in a time where there are plenty of places to trade time for money. To trade products for money, I could keep going.

Think about finding your niche. Kind of like when you were asked what you want to be when you grow up.

What do you want to do to get that money flow? This is not going to be an over night thing either.

Just breath, relax a bit, ponder on the idea that money is an energy. If you give out good thoughts, stir up positive dreams, good things may come back to you. They may come back as ideas, opportunities or maybe you’ll even find a $10 bill just floating across your yard magically.

It is easier said than done. Changing a view takes time and energy. You can ease yourself from hard money times too with some ecotherapy. Go for a walk and think about your dreams, wishes and goals while you’re out enjoying nature. Life is too short to dread on money.

Be thankful for what you have. Having gratitude can help change energy in a positive way.

Write everything you are grateful for in your journal. This is a wonderful exercise to practice because it will show and remind you of everything you already have.

Here’s what I’m grateful for to give you an idea: my home, my job, food, my dogs, my family, my vehicles, my creativity, my backyard, local hiking trails, the grocery stores nearby, friends. I could keep going.

After you write them all down, read them out loud. Then think about how you feel after reading them.

The best part about writing everything down is that you can go back and reread them whenever you feel down.

To me, when i reread my journal entries I feel a sense of relief and relaxation.

Another thing to help change your mind is to relax and read a book.

I read this amazing little book called “don’t worry make money,” this book along with a few others really helped change my view.

To make it even better, I would read in the comfy, most beautiful places like, in a hammock next to a waterfall, on a mountain top after a hike, in a fluffy chair by a window, curled up in a blanket by a fire, in a meadow on a cozy blanket. Again I could keep going.


I still fall sometimes. I’m nowhere near perfect but I like to remind myself of all the things I just talked about in this post.

Just knowing that money is a moving energy helps heal my mind of the money worries.

I hope this post helped lighten up the thoughts of money!

Feel free to leave a comment with your money stories. Tell me how you deal with the money worries.

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How to live without running water

How to live without running water.

Running water, you know like your shower, toilet, sink, dishwasher, washer machine. Can you imagine life without it?

I don’t know about you but I grew up with the luxury of running water. There were times when my family lost water and toilets so I had a hint of the off grid life. It was frustrating to me at first.

I started my off grid life slowly on the weekends and then dove headfirst into it.

I’m going to tell you how I learned to live without running water. This may help you if you want to conserve water, camp or live off grid.

These are the five topics I will be covering in this post:

Collecting water

First thing, 5 gallon buckets are our best friend in off grid water land. We have 6 of them.

We collect our water. We are lucky to have a fresh water spring nearby. There are many fresh water springs across the country. We used this site to find ours:

We gather our water in these 5 gallon buckets. We drive 25 minutes to the spring with my jeep wrangler or his audi. We treat the time together like a date. We try to have fun with it. It takes about 20 minuets to fill up. Sometimes we meet strange people, like one time the whole state lost power for a while due to a storm.

It was so interesting to see what everyone had to say about living without water or power for a few days.

A lady was so worried about our 6 buckets that she reminded us of the shovel in her backseat to hit us and steal our water for when the water dries up from the spring. We didn’t know to laugh or cry.

The bathroom. There really is no bathroom you’ll be use to. The green room. My boyfriend and I still call it the bathroom even though we go outside.

Yes, we would pick a corner in the woods and pee where ever we pleased. Yes, I have the perfect squat. That’s just for number one.

Number two, we use a composting toilet. I do number one in this too since this toilet has a liquids and solids separator It has no stink at all and it is luxurious is the off grid world. Click here to read all the specs about it.

Next, washing your hands and doing the dishes. We have no septic, no city water. We have a sink with a 5 gallon bucket underneath to catch the grey water.

I’ll tell you now, if you don’t put a pcv trap pipe under the sink your water is going to smell horrid.

We went with the S shape. We also have a rubber gasket where the S trap meets the 5 gallon bucket to reduce smell. You can find these at your local hardware store.

We empty the gray water bucket every couple weeks. We empty ours at a relatives house into their on grid septic tank. Always make sure you dump your gray water in a safe, legal spot.

We use ecofriendly cleaning products.  My favorite to use is Dr. Bronners.

We wash our dishes immediately after we eat our food.

When we wash our dishes we will rinse them real quick like in 3 seconds. Turn the water off. Put the tiniest drop of soap on the dish and scrub it.

Once its all soaped up then we turn the water on again and rinse all the suds off.

We will dry them with a paper towel and put them away. Doing the dishes like this also makes your space more pleasant, clean and organized in the end which brings peace of mind when it’s time to relax.

When we wash our hands we basically do the same thing as the dishes. We use the tiniest bit of soap, tiny bit of water, scrub hard and rinse with a little water. Always think about using as least amount of water as possible.

We do have a shower! We didn’t have one for a long time and that was interesting but we do now.

I’m going to post a “how to build the shower” because it’s a bit complex.
But I’ll tell you the basics in this post.

Inside we have a 30 gallon holding tank. That’s it.

Living off grid you really need to watch your water usage because you collect it.

It is a lot of work, but it is so rewarding and freeing.

Showering off grid feels like an achievement.

Our tiny house has a real bath tub and we bought a shower head that has a shut off button we can use if we want.
We have an on demand propane hot water heater that is connected to an electric water pump that is connected to our 12 volt battery.

We try to conserve water as much as we can. We will heat the house up with our wood stove, strip, turn the water on in the shower and as soon as it gets hot we hop in, soak our body, then turn the water off.

We’ll suds up, scrub a dub dub and then turn the water back on to soak.

After you soak you put on your favorite lotion and throw your clothes back on and you feel nice and clean.

It’s important to me to still be clean while living off grid. Not too clean though.

For our laundry we just use our parents or the local laundry mat. The laundry mat is so expensive but since we don’t have an electric bill and our rent is low it kind of evens out and gives us an excuse to use the laundry mat.

If you can use a friend or family’s laundry machines then by all means do it!

The change can be a little weird at first.

Just remind yourself that you will be making a difference for our environment by watching your water usage and you’ll be putting a smaller foot print on our Earth by chosing to live with an off grid water system.

Hope you enjoy the advise in this post and can maybe use them for your own off grid life of living in the woods.

Please message or comment with any questions or personal stories of your own!

This post contains some affiliate links that lead you to the products we use everyday. If you buy from the sites we list, you give us a small commission with no extra cost to you. Thank you so much!

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How to Keep Your Off Grid Home Clean and Organized

A tiny space can get crowded, cluttered and dirty really fast. We try to stay organized and clean as much as we can.

We’re no neat freaks, but we do like a clean space and it makes you feel so good and free.

These are some of our favorite and habitual ways we like to keep our space clean.

  • We wipe our feet as hard as possible on our door mats before we walk in the house. This keeps a lot of dirt outside. We try to shake the mat at least once a week. If only the dogs could use the mat too…
  • Once we are in we usually take our shoes off and put them in our designated shoe area. We have a bunch of different shoes for all seasons and conditions so we have two shoe holders, the kind you hang in a closet (we hang it from the ceiling) and a floor shoe rack.
  • Dirt somehow always finds its way in. It’s funny, a lot of the mysterious dirt is in the shape of paw prints… Usually on some down time when I’m just spacing out, a moment of chill, I’ll notice all the dirt on the rugs and floor. So I just whip out the DeWalt vacuum cleaner and do a quick clean. The vacuum is convenient to us because it has no wires and runs off a battery so it works out perfect. We get a small workout from it too. It takes about 10 minutes to do the kitchen and living room for us and makes the place so much more enjoyable at the end of the day.
  • If for some reason I don’t want to use the vacuum I will actually take the rugs outside and beat them. It’s kind of fun sometimes.
  • We use paper towels and natural all-purpose cleaner for little spills or messes from our food when the dogs can’t pick it up for us.
  • My boyfriend just recently trained me to do the dishes right after you use them! What an idea. The dishes don’t even pile up and our kitchen looks great. Before we had our off grid running water system with a holding tank, we use to just use Poland Spring water jugs for all our water uses. We’d just put the jug over our sink that drops down to our 5 gallon bucket and that worked for all our water cleaning needs with a good ole paper towel.
  • We try to keep things organized. Everything has a home. We organize our food, we try to keep our clothes hung, folded and in the hamper. (I have a hard time with the hamper so sometimes I even have a small pile of clothes that need a home, but it’s not like it’s everywhere) Be better than that and put your clothes away all the time. It makes your space look so nice!
  • If you have wall space, hang your stuff! We love hanging our things. We have jacket hooks in random spots. We hang the guitar. We even hang the bikes from the ceiling. Surprisingly the bikes look sort of normal hanging inside. We hang all our kitchen cooking stuff. We hang the dog brush, we hang our keys. All our bags are hanging. It gives the tiny house more floor space.
  • Make all the space useful. Have clever storage spots. My boyfriend built the bed frame tall, almost like a loft but not quite. Underneath the bed is a whole other world of stuff! Most of our stuff is neatly placed under the bed. It’s nice and useful because all those things would be all over the place and unattractive if it wasn’t under the bed. Again, it gives more floor space throughout the place.
  • Totes, totes, boxes and more totes. I swear we are not hoarders, but we do use a lot of totes. We use some boxes too. But we have a camping tote, a racing tote, tools tote. Totes is what we put under the bed. Keeps things together and easy to move and keep in place.
  • If you can have a shed or trailer or multiple vans like we do, I recommend that. We use one van to store wood and a number two toilet. The other van has random tools and supplies, some bikes and other fun stuff. We have a shed that also stores a lot of things we need. It seems you don’t realize how much you have/want/need until you go tiny. We like multiple out buildings.

So there you have it, little ways of keeping our space clean.

Let us know in the comment section if you try our advise and how it goes. Also feel free to tell us about your ways of keeping your home clean.

Thanks for reading! Now back to da wooods.

There are also some affiliate links within this post that leads you to products we use everyday. If you buy from the link you give us a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much!