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How to Heat an off grid home

How to heat your off grid home Now you’ve picked a place to live, getting all settled in or maybe you’re planning to live off grid and you want to efficiently heat your home. Well, this post will talk about the sources and fuel we’ve decided to use and how it has worked for us. […]

Stop worrying about money

Let today be the day you stop worrying about money. These are some of my ideas and views on money.  I believe it is better to look at money in a positive and creative way rather than to give any kind of negative energy to the thought of that cash flow. Money flows like waves. […]

How to live without running water

How to live without running water. Running water, you know like your shower, toilet, sink, dishwasher, washer machine. Can you imagine life without it? I don’t know about you but I grew up with the luxury of running water. There were times when my family lost water and toilets so I had a hint of […]

How to Keep Your Off Grid Home Clean and Organized

A tiny space can get crowded, cluttered and dirty really fast. We try to stay organized and clean as much as we can. We’re no neat freaks, but we do like a clean space and it makes you feel so good and free. These are some of our favorite and habitual ways we like to […]

How to Live Life Without an Electric Bill

Basically, how we live without power. Now I honestly shouldn’t say that we live with no power, we have plenty of power. The difference here, is that we do not have an electric bill coming in the mail every month. These are the tools we use for everyday power. DeWalt rechargeable batteries 12 volt battery […]