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Rabbit fur dog toy, all natural, organic, stuffing free, small


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Please read the whole description.

This stuffing free, small, all natural rabbit fur dog toy will make your pup go wild!!
There is 1 squeaker in this toy.
This toy is hand stitched with cotton thread. (no sewing machine all carefully hand crafted)
You will receive the exact toy in these pictures.
(the picture with the dog is NOT THE TOY you will receive, it is just an example)

Measurements: 4″ long X 3″ wide in the middle. It is flat with an odd shape to keep it interesting.

Rabbit fur toys are fairly durable. They do not shed or stink while they play (unless your dog wants to pull the fur out). The fur will get wet and look gross while they play, but once it dries it will remain fluffy. There is fur all around them. You may see some skin or stitching on some edges of the toy. You may feet hardened and thicker parks on the toy. They are made from rabbit fur pelts from the meat market. 

Be careful while playing tug-o-war, the edges could tear slightly with rough play. I have played tug-o-war with my own personal rabbit toy that I made and even with the small tears it is holding up great months later.

Always keep an eye on your pup while playing with it! These toys will bring out the wild side of your dog.

I have given my two dogs these toys and they love them. One of my dogs enjoys licking it, squeaking it, playing fetch and even cuddling it. He is gentle with it but he is gentle with all his toys (he is an 8 year old mutt). My other dog loves to grab it and toss it at random times of excitement. (she is a 12 year old pure bred cattle dog)

Take note of how your dog is with squeaky toys. Some dogs may try to eat the fur, or try to rip the squeaker out. If they do that you can use the toy as a training treat and limit their time with it.

The pictures with the dog in it is my 8 year old mutt and the toys I made for him! The toys in the pictures are 6 months old and in great shape still with lots of play time including very gentle tugging.

The rabbit toy may have a smell first out of the package but will quickly go away. It is natural and normal. But you may not get a smell at all.

When I package the toy I gently fold it so it can fit in the smallest shipping box for lowest price. Just shake it and bend it the opposite direction when you take it out of the package.

Thank you for reading and considering my home made dog toys!

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Weight 0.9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

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