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The Littlest Things are the Best Things and People will Talk

Living off the grid makes the smallest of things rewarding. Like running water! Power! TV! Bathroom! Etc…All these things you don’t realize what you’ve got until its gone. You have to realize that what most people have in America are all luxuries like your running water, indoor bathroom, electricity, insulation, I could just keep going.

Once you go off grid little things people say like “I’m freezing in my house at 60 degrees” will sound silly to you. It will be harder to relate to people who live on grid. Don’t think you are better than them or they are better than you, just realize you are different.

My boyfriend and I don’t really tell many people about our living situation. People love to talk about theirs and we just let them talk! Just smile and listen, it’s very interesting and we kind of just laugh it off later like an inside joke.

You have to let go of things to be off grid. Once you let go of things, find your spot settle in and start getting those luxuries back, it’s just the best thing. For me, it was like Christmas day when I got an indoor toilet. That was on the first snow day as well.

Living small just makes life feel more fulfilling. It makes life an everlasting adventure. I want this blog to be a portal for adventure. Have fun browsing this website, let it lead you to new ideas and adventures.


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