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Getting back into art and watercoloring!

I suddenly feel inspired! The last few days have been extremely hot, 94 degree days with humidity making it feel over 100 degrees. The heat leads to me not wanting to do anything, not wanting to do anything leads to boredom and the boredom leads to me pondering about what to do!

I decided I wanted to draw some leaves and flowers, ecotherapy it up, ya know? So I head out to the yard, grab a couple of cool looking leaves, a little flower, I sit down in the shade with my little sketchbook and a pen and just go to town.

Well, for some reason drawing with a pen, or even a pencil just leaves me feeling totally antsy. I’m not sure why, maybe I just don’t like it. But I really wanted to do art. So I pondered some more.

Then I came to the realization! I tried water colors before, and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t need to draw lines with a pen, it wasn’t about lines, it was about blobs. I just blobbed the paper and boom I had an image. I painted a giraffe. I used happy pretty colors and It really brought joy. Not saying drawing doesn’t bring joy, I think I just don’t like line drawing or black and white. I think I really I like painting blobs that end up looking like an image in the end.

I still think we and I should all practice different types of art, just to see what really works for us. I can’t wait to get back into water colors. I’m buying my supplies on Amazon, I really love Amazon, I don’t have to go into a physical store, no waiting in lines. I can literally shop while I’m sitting in the woods… Can it get any better?

So my next little project will be to paint some leaves and flowers instead of drawing with a pen and see how I feel and I will update you guys!

Thanks for reading! Do you prefer drawing with lines or painting with blobs?

Also my Giraffe painting is for sale as a print in my etsy shop, click here or click on the picture if you’d like. Thank you! I wrote a little background story on the Giraffe painting as well.

One more thing, the links to Amazon are affiliate links and if you purchase something, I get a small commission. So if I inspired you to buy some watercolors, Thank you again!!

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Bring Some Warmth, Comfort and Wonder to your Home

Hiking, biking and walks are the best things to do in my agenda.

While I do those activates I just have to capture it with my camera, I can’t help it. It’s not that simple either. I have to get in all these weird awkward positions to really get what I want. I try not to enhance these photos all too much. I try to put my mood in these photos. Usually they are all good moods, because I’m always instantly in a good mood when I take pics!

I’m sure there are days you can’t get to these awesome places yourself or you just don’t know where to begin…You probably have a home I’m guessing… Soooo my idea is to hang these images or use them on house hold items like towels, mugs or whatever in your house.
These pictures have comforting vibes and by hanging it on your wall or using it as a hand towel these images will subconsciously put you in a better mood.

Click on the picture and it will bring you to Fine Art America, where you can turn these images into any kind of print you can imagine! Check it out! and thank you for the support!