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The most natural dog toy ever

I don’t know about you, but I am always searching for the healthiest options for my dog. I am all about natural, organic, no plastic, no chemicals. It seems you just can’t trust any company these days. Most dog toys are made of plastic, even the plush ones! If it is polyester, it’s plastic. It drives me crazy. It made me decide to make my own dog toys!!!

The way I do it is with eggs and smoke. I made sure to do a lot of research to make sure it is the safest for dogs ever. I first made sure my furs are “food quality” and safe for the pups!! I remove and clean any salt that was on the furs because salt is not good for dogs. I clean with dawn dish soap and really rinse it good. After cleaning, I paint the skin with egg yolks, which is a safe food for dogs! After it dries up a little, I stretch it all day long. The yolks soak into the fur and the remaining come off during the stretching so it will not go rancid. After the stretching I smoke it over a smoke pit. After it is smoked I air it out for a very long time, to try and remove the smell. I also let it sit in the sun to remove smells. Smoked meat is okay for dogs as long as there is NO SALT. Since I make sure there is absolutely no salt at all on the furs, it is 100% safe to chew on. Plus when I sew the toys closed, the smoked part of the fur is on the inside of the toy. My toys are not meant for ingestion at all, just like any toy. But you know when they chew on it and play with it, they are not ingesting chemicals or plastic at all.

I decided to go the wild route and make rabbit fur dog toys. My dog loves plush toys so much. So why not use a real animal for my dog who would really want to munch on a real animal? (I know gross, but they are dogs after all) Most dogs have that hunting drive. So I deep dove into the world of traditional tanning furs.

Most of the furs you buy online are NOT traditionally tanned. They will say “for pets” but they were probably made in a chemical tea!! I did a ton of research on this. My heart broke. I do not want my dog chewing on a fur that was dipped in chemicals. It is very difficult to find traditional tanned furs online for sale. It is even more difficult to find ones that are safe for dogs. Some methods of traditional tanning use tannins that are toxic to dogs!