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E-Bike Adventures: Biking North Conway NH part 3

click here to watch video in full HD on youtube

Here is our 3rd part of our North Conway adventure!

This is after we crossed the first road from where I left off in the last post. This video features some twists and turns on fairly flat trails. Toward the end of the video we find our way through a strange place with forts, ropes little buildings and then enter the mount Cranmore resort area.

After the video cuts out is where our true adventure begins.

We try to figure out if we want to climb Cranmore right up on the ski trails or go another way. We study google maps and make a quick decision to climb Hurricane Rd, climb up Black Cap mountain off Hurricane Rd, descending down the mountain and somehow make our way to Cranmore.

Unfortunately, I didn’t record climbing the road. But let me tell you, it was absolutely crazy.

The road is a steep seasonal unmaintained mountain road in the White Mountains region in North Conway.

Our ebikes were maxed out on power. We used a lot of our human power to climb this crazy road.

The funny part to me is that we never stopped to take a break and the ebike was powerful enough that we could still chit chat on our climb.

My legs were burning!! I kept thinking to myself,

“I have to climb another mountain and somehow find my way back to our campsite?”

At this point in our trip we were 15 miles away from our campsite, now climbing a mountain road and trying to find the next mountain trail.

I was super nervous about this ride but I kept my mouth shut and just went with the flow.

It took us a while to find the Black Cap mountain trail. We went up and down parts of Hurricane Mt road probably 4 times trying to find the trail. We finally found it, just up the road a little bit from where we were looking.

So now I’m exhausted from the up and down and searching but again, I just kept my mouth shut. I wanted my boyfriend to enjoy himself and not hear any of my personal doubts.

So we finally find the trail for Black Cap mountain and we start the climb. We never even took a break. People on the trail giggled and couldn’t believe what we were doing.

Since it was a hiking trail there were man made steps out of stones and logs so we were literally climbing stairs on our bikes.

After about a 1 mile climb that went up probably another 1,000 feet we made it to a very little, over grown outlook. It was enough for me to hoot holler and celebrate I made it!

We took a break here for probably less than 10 minuets. I snapped a couple photos and handed the gopro off to my boyfriend because it was all downhill from here.

We were about 2,500 feet up in elevation. About 15 miles from our campsite. Our campsite was our next destination.

I’m about to descend the mountain with my legs burning. We don’t know what to expect but I know I’m already tired and extremely sore.

Stay tuned for my next post!

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Just Picture Yourself doing it

I’ve been learning to accomplish obstacles and goals by picturing myself doing it.

I apply this method with biking a lot, but I also apply this to everyday life.

What I mean really by picturing yourself doing it is to truly believe you can do it and seeing the end result exactly how you want it to be done.

I believe when you picture yourself doing it, you are also creating the energy that needs to be there in order to get the job done.

Everything is energy, right? So if we have a bad, negative attitude such as doubts and disbelief, we probably won’t get very far because our energy is down and will keep you stuck.

You’re exactly as you think you are.

If you think positive and have an “I can do it” attitude and you see yourself succeeding then you are more likely to succeed and do well. It’s also so much more fun seeing yourself succeed than to fail.

So throw your fears away and get after what you want to get in life.

Like in this video, I was terrified of some of these trails, but I pictured myself doing it and guess what, I did it and had fun!!

Make sure to change the quality to the highest resolution before watching. Thank you for reading!!

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First bike ride with our gopro hero 6

We just got the GoPro hero 6, hoping to make little edits of our adventures. We are having some difficulties with the camera though. It freezes up when we try to watch our footage. This is the first day we bought it. It worked great but the second day we had problems so we returned it and traded it in for a new one. Hopefully all is well and we can have some fun with our new camera!!