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Ecotherapy Exercises.

Try these exercises if you have any kind of low energy. You can also just do this for your well being. You can do them all together, mix them up, play around with them.

Just take these as ideas. We are not certified or associated with Ecotherapy in any professional way. We just believe in it.


One of the best ways to heal is just by getting your feet on the ground. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Just sit down somewhere quiet in the woods, take your shoes off, let your body and feet melt into the ground. Try standing up and putting your whole weight down on your feet. Reach your hands up over your head and look up at all the leaves and branches. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out your mouth. You can get funky and dance like no one is watching you, or try your favorite yoga moves, or just stand there, do whatever feels right. Try to do this for at least five minuets.


Another one of my favorites, sitting by a body of water. This could be a river, a lake, pond, the ocean, bay, puddle, any natural body of water. Just sit or stand and look deep into the water. Breathing slowly through your nose and out your mouth. Notice all the ripples and movement. Let your eyes go out of focus. Listen to the sounds of the waves, the bubbles, the current, the silence, your mind. Do not fight your mind. Let yourself think any thoughts that you need to think. Remind yourself that your thoughts are just like the waves and current, always moving, sometimes they move faster, some days slower, some days they are positive and some days negative. Let yourself be for a moment with no judgement. Try this for at least 5 minuets.

Table Rock by Holly

For a longer exercise, 30 minutes or more, a walk through nature or hike up a mountain. Now do this in rain or shine (I don’t encourage you to do this in hurricane, blizzard, tornado or other dangerous weather, use common sense please) but the rain and a little snow is healing for sure. Start by picking a place, the nature trail down the road, your local mountain, anywhere that there is woods. If are in a city, just walking down the street and noticing trees, flowers little weeds in the cracks in the pavement can be healing. Doesn’t matter if there is a destination but it is more fun (to me) when there is. For this excersise I like to bring my camera. Any camera works. I use a little Sony point and shoot or my canon dslr. Anyway, after you pick your spot, you can invite a friend, family member or dog, but don’t be discouraged if people don’t want to go. Go by yourself if you must. But always tell someone where you’re going and tell them how long it will take. I usually tell people to worry if it’s past sunset. Now go to your location and hike! Not only will you be getting exercise but you will be stimulating your mind and soul with all the nature scenes around you. Keep your breathing steady, try to watch your breath. It’s not a race, take your time. I like to take pictures when I take breaks. This is all free will. Walking in the woods really helps release negative energy in our bodies. Try the exercises above this paragraph on your hiking voyage too.


Another long Eco-Therapy exercise would be mountain biking or Ebiking. I like Ebiking because it is less stress on a body that is not use to the physical labor. It is a really intense, fun sport. Ebiking is great to release stress and let your mind focus on something new. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you reach the top of the hill and then you are rewarded with the fun, challenging downhill. (Always make sure where you are riding is legal) For less intense rides, like on rail trails and bike paths, you can let your mind wander and let all your thoughts pour out with each pedal. Along the trail you will see beautiful sights, and all your senses will be working for you. It’s not a distraction, it’s a new experience and the Ebike is helping shift your mind into gear. Try listening to your breathing with each pedal. How is it different from going faster and slower? It is always good to keep moving when you sense negative energy. Put yourself out there and get moving. Ebiking is personally one of my favorite ways to cope with negative energy.

Another one of my all time favorites would be rock collecting and wood gathering (you can really collect anything you’d like but I will be talking about rocks and wood. Also take note on where you live and look into laws) This is just so special to me. I love rocks, fires, drift wood, strange looking pieces of wood, crystals, shiny things, so what better way than to indulge yourself into nature by collecting things. It’s therapeutic because now you are directing all your attention to finding these rocks and wood. It turns walks into a treasure hunt. You can make art, tools, warmth etc. When your done collecting it’s a win in the end all around. Just don’t go overboard and drain the forest. Don’t strain yourself, keep it casual. I always find myself feeling better and accomplished after gathering.

If you don’t have an Ebike you can rent ours for the day or weekend