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The Power of Being Grateful

Having gratitude, being grateful is the number one secret to manifesting your dreams.

In this short post I’m going to tell you my personal method of reminding myself to be grateful.

Expressing gratitude is one of my favorite ways of making myself feel better.

Literally throughout the day I talk to myself in my own head (maybe out loud and I look totally crazy, I don’t know, I also don’t care)

The secret is catching yourself in thought. It’s weird, once you do this you’re going to wonder who’s in your head. Is it you!? That’s a whole other topic…

Anyway, sometimes those thoughts in your head aren’t always friendly. Sometimes they talk you down and make you feel awful about yourself.

The tricky part is to realize you have these negative thoughts.

It’s a challenge, but try to listen to yourself.

Catch yourself in your thoughts.

Once you hear it being negative immediately turn it around. Even if you don’t want to or it feels weird. Say the opposite.

For example, you wake up and think “oh no I have to go to work” Now turn that thought around and say “oh yes I get to go to work!”

Even if it feels like a lie, do it. Even if it feels silly, do it. The power of positivity is stronger than the negativity and even if it’s a lie to yourself it will make a good impact.

Once you notice your inner voice you now have control. You can turn negative thoughts into positive ones. You can practice catching your thoughts throughout the day with any situation.

You can start your day with good thoughts and bring the best out of any day because you have power of your mind.

Now you know how to catch yourself and make yourself be positive. Next is to follow-up with being grateful for your life.

After you change your “oh no I have to go to work” to “yes I get to go to work” now say “I’m so thankful I have this wonderful job” and you can keep going with everything you are thankful for.

When you catch yourself going down again, tell yourself everything you are grateful for. Try to make it a habit.

Write a list of gratitude and hang it up on your wall if you have to. Or write it in a journal. Or since you know everything about your life already you can just talk or think to yourself about everything you are grateful for.

You could be grateful for your friends and family, your pets, your job, food, internet, nature, your feet, your lungs, hands, warmth, energy, your favorite collection, your car, I could keep going. There’s an endless supply of things you can be grateful for.

If you think there’s nothing to be grateful for that’s just you being negative and you can catch yourself right now!

Remember you can always go back to your list of gratitude whenever you feel down. You just have to catch yourself and realize you have power over your own mind. You can control your inner voice.

Being grateful is grounding. Its grounding because it brings you back to your reality. It reminds you of everything you have going for you right now. You can ease your worries of the future because you have everything you need right now!

Being grateful changes your mind. If you do this practice every day you are rewiring your mind to be positive.

Being positive will bring peace, joy and happiness into your life making it possible to make your dreams come true!

Just remember anything is possible. This world is yours, this world is ours. Lets get after it with a grateful, thankful, positive attitude.

I dare you to practice this everyday. Each morning you wake up, tell yourself everything you are thankful for. Turn those bad thoughts upside down and take control of your mind and life.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy! Now go take a nice relaxing walk in your neighborhood, or even better, in the woods!


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How to Kick the Winter Blues

The winter blues is a battle. Its cold out, we get grumpy. We need more clothes to wear, we get weighted down. But we don’t need to let any of those factors control us.

We can over come the battle by going with it and letting it pass through us.

Let the winter blues smack you and then power charge you.

Be sad, be upset and then see the other side. See it wasn’t so bad. Don’t brace yourself, don’t try to control or fight it. Be flexible, go with all the feelings.

The hard part is letting yourself feel . we don’t like these bad feelings so why would we let ourselves feel this way?

Well its natural and normal since life is waves so when we have ups we have downs and vise versa.

When we let ourselves feel, it’s also giving space and room for peace. The peace of mind we get from letting go can teach you as well. We can learn and grow by watching our own feelings.

My favorite way to go through the winter blues is to do things, such as outdoor activities and treating myself.

I love to drink warm yummy drinks like tea hot coco, coffee, broth. Taking a warm bath, use or Save up for a hot tub, take a warm shower, run your fingers and hands under warm water, I love warm things. Anything warm can really help kick the winter blues.

After you warm yourself up and gain energy, you can bundle up and find the kid in you again by sledding or building a snowman and other ecotherapy activities.

I love to put on a full body snow suit and just send it down the hill with no worries of snow in my pants or up my jacket. I always find myself in uncontrollable laughter when sledding.

You can read more ways to treat yourself when you have the winter blues in this ecotherapy post.

I say this a lot but don’t dwell on the blues feelings. Go with them like the wind or a wave. Like I talk about a million gazillion times. Life is waves! Which is great and exciting because once the wave crashes, once the winter blues battles is over we will feel better .

Our motivation will come back and our lives will have a little sense on purpose again.

Hope this post helps a little bit.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to think about yourself and treat yourself once in a while.