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Kill Your Negative Self

Sometimes we hate on ourselves hard and don’t even realize it. Sometimes we think about what others think and put fake judgments of ourselves in our heads. Sometimes we feel depressed or sad for no reason at all.

Well I’m excited to share with you that I just read this awesome article about killing your negative self and I can’t wait to start practicing their tactics! (I’ll post their link at the bottom.)


There are a few tactics that really stood out to me and I thought I should share.

They say to kill your negative self right in your tracks.

They say don’t give yourself too much credit.

The one tactic that really stood out is to ridicule your negative thoughts. Mock your negative thoughts.

This is so exciting to me. I can’t believe I never thought of this on my own. It’s exciting because whenever anyone throws negativity at me or any doubts I always lash out with mocking them. I usually repeat what they say in a high pitch silly voice .

Boy does it bother them! I’m in no way saying its right to mock people either. In fact I hurt a lot of people who had no intentions on hurting me with their negative feelings. (I just do it in my head now and smile at them)

The reason I find this exciting is because I can’t wait to hurt my negative self’s feelings. My negative self is already hurting me and throwing negativity at me, dragging me down into a hole. What better way to get out of this hole than to mock the negative self and kill your negative self??

By mocking our bad thoughts we are only hurting the negative thoughts.

Negative to negative? We were always taught to kill with kindness. This is so true with other people.

But it makes sense to kill negative within ourselves with mockery. I just don’t see anything wrong with it.

It excites me.

I’m always battling my thoughts. So I can’t wait to try this new tactic.

The mocking of our negative self makes it less important.

It gives us back our control!!

I don’t believe these thoughts always come from us either even though they are inside us.

So much outside of us can influence our feelings and we can’t always trust our feelings.

Another thing they mentioned in the article is to question our thoughts or feelings.

Sometimes I get bad feelings but no thoughts that follow it. So I can challenge myself and figure out where these bad feelings are coming from.

So instead of ignoring the feelings I can face them head on and figure it out.

Questioning our feelings helps us get to know ourselves better.

Its kind of crazy to think we don’t even fully know ourselves. We are constantly learning ourselves. We are also constantly changing so of course it makes sense to question ourselves. That is a great way to get to know others so yes it is a great way to get to know ourselves!

All the tactics in this article are great. I’ve mentioned writing in a previous article and this one also mentions writing. But they say to write your negative thoughts with the opposite hand you usually write with!

They say it makes the negative thoughts look smaller and childish.

Anyway, before I take your time away with my rambling I suggest reading the actual article I’m talking about. Thank you and enjoy!

Click here to read this awesome article!!!

Also before you go, here is a calming photograph of a misty river to sooth the soul