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E-Bike Adventures: Biking North Conway NH part 2

Click here to watch on YouTube in HD.

In my previous post I said it may be an 8 part video. Well I over exaggerated and it is now a 6 part series after completing my edits.

This is part 2 of the 6 part adventure in North Conway NH. For some reason on my YouTube channel all the videos uploads are not in order.

Anyway, This video features some smooth mellow riding. Not many hill climbs even though we are in the White Mountain region. I felt very confident while filming this. I had no worries and was feeling very good.

After this video ends, we end up crossing some roads to the next trail. Unfortunately I did not pay much attention to where we were so I can’t name the trails. We didn’t have much of a plan at this point in our ride.

This video is about 5 miles of riding on the flat(er) parts. I mean later on we did climb a mountain so I have to say this is flat compared to what is to come.

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E-Bike Adventures: Biking North Conway NH part 1

Click here to watch the YouTube video in HD

So this may become an 8 part video. I did not record some of the journey so I will describe the ride through my writing.

This video is the beginning of the trail riding. Now let me start this story from the top.

We began by camping on the Saco river in the beautiful North Conway, New Hampshire. This lovely town is settled in the White Mountains. Known for crazy rocky and rooty terrain.

Our plan was to ride our Electric pedal assisted mountain bikes to the mountain biking trail head in the Green Hill forest preserve. The trail head is 2.3 miles away from our campsite.

We began our trip right from the camp site, riding with traffic on a main road into the town of North Conway. We rode our bikes in round abouts, we merged into left lanes and in my mind it was a little sketchy but also kind of fun to see the town from a different perspective other than a car.

We finally get to the trailhead after the 2.3 miles. I’m winded and hot, take my jacket off and chill for a minuet, set up the go pro and we see a man running by. He stops and asks us where we are and if we know where a certain trail was. Unfortunately we don’t know much about the trail so we told him we weren’t so sure and wished him luck. He came from Mount Cranmore. That was our first destination goal. We never saw the jogger again, assuming he made it out okay.

We kind of came up with our destination goals along the way. The whole trip was planned last minute and along the way.

This part one video is about 6 miles of our whole 23 mile ride.

So again. The first 2.3 miles was on the road, which is not in the video. This video features the first 4 miles of trail riding. Stay tuned for more adventures and stories from this crazy adventure!

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E-bike Adventures: A Mellow Downhill Ride.

Click here to watch in full HD

This ride is at Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire. They call this “Little Bear”.

It is a super mellow, flowy downhill. It’s not too extreme, but there are some rocks and roots, a little rock jump and other minor obstacles.

I always get scared on downhill and I didn’t think this one was too scary. I still need to get the courage to let gravity take me. Downhill riding is definitely a weakness of mine. I will work on this throughout this summer.

This is only the beginning of what is to come!

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Just Picture Yourself doing it

I’ve been learning to accomplish obstacles and goals by picturing myself doing it.

I apply this method with biking a lot, but I also apply this to everyday life.

What I mean really by picturing yourself doing it is to truly believe you can do it and seeing the end result exactly how you want it to be done.

I believe when you picture yourself doing it, you are also creating the energy that needs to be there in order to get the job done.

Everything is energy, right? So if we have a bad, negative attitude such as doubts and disbelief, we probably won’t get very far because our energy is down and will keep you stuck.

You’re exactly as you think you are.

If you think positive and have an “I can do it” attitude and you see yourself succeeding then you are more likely to succeed and do well. It’s also so much more fun seeing yourself succeed than to fail.

So throw your fears away and get after what you want to get in life.

Like in this video, I was terrified of some of these trails, but I pictured myself doing it and guess what, I did it and had fun!!

Make sure to change the quality to the highest resolution before watching. Thank you for reading!!

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First bike ride with our gopro hero 6

We just got the GoPro hero 6, hoping to make little edits of our adventures. We are having some difficulties with the camera though. It freezes up when we try to watch our footage. This is the first day we bought it. It worked great but the second day we had problems so we returned it and traded it in for a new one. Hopefully all is well and we can have some fun with our new camera!!