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I Find Mountains to be Healing

There is something truly magical about the mountains.

Every time I encounter a mountain or even a hill I feel a sense of well-being and uplifting energy. Even when I’m in the worst of moods and I encounter a mountain, all my feelings disperse and vanish before the beauty.

It is a wonderful thing that I’ve found such healing in the simplicity of looking at a mountain.

Something even more healing to me is taking a photo. I just love taking photos. I feel inspired, happy, calm and excited all at the same time. My anxiety turns into excitement, my sorrows turn into smiles, my heart softens and melts to the mountains.

I can’t speak for everyone’s experiences. I have memories of not always feeling this way about the mountains. It came to me over time. It really started after college. I went to school for cinematography. All my short films I made happened to be at my local mountains in my home town. After seeing my projects come together I felt fulfillment.

I also got into painting during this time. I used oil paintings and would look at my photographs of mountains then paint them on canvas with oil paint. The movements of the peaks and the imperfections, yet they seemed perfect to me usually brought me calm feelings.

Then, I got my dog and I really started to climb these mountains. Walking with my dog through the mountains gave me time for reflection. I felt all kinds of feels and noticed I released a lot of pain and emotions to the mountains.

My hope in you reading this is that I hope you can find what moves you. What makes you smile and what you find healing. I feel so empowered that I can release my emotions in a healthy way to the mountains.

Really pay attention to when you feel happy. Notice what kind of situation you are in, what you are doing, your surroundings and really acknowledge them. Once you figure out what makes you tick, you gain a lot of control and power to your life.

Try walking in the woods, hills or mountains and see how you feel. Find a view and photograph them. I can’t be the only one who feels so good about mountains and rolling hills. I suggest trying it out for yourself. If you live in flat lands, walk through a field or forest or even the desert and see how you feel.

Good day to all. Now go to the woods!!!

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Bring Some Warmth, Comfort and Wonder to your Home

Hiking, biking and walks are the best things to do in my agenda.

While I do those activates I just have to capture it with my camera, I can’t help it. It’s not that simple either. I have to get in all these weird awkward positions to really get what I want. I try not to enhance these photos all too much. I try to put my mood in these photos. Usually they are all good moods, because I’m always instantly in a good mood when I take pics!

I’m sure there are days you can’t get to these awesome places yourself or you just don’t know where to begin…You probably have a home I’m guessing… Soooo my idea is to hang these images or use them on house hold items like towels, mugs or whatever in your house.
These pictures have comforting vibes and by hanging it on your wall or using it as a hand towel these images will subconsciously put you in a better mood.

Click on the picture and it will bring you to Fine Art America, where you can turn these images into any kind of print you can imagine! Check it out! and thank you for the support!