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How to Keep Your Off Grid Home Clean and Organized

A tiny space can get crowded, cluttered and dirty really fast. We try to stay organized and clean as much as we can.

We’re no neat freaks, but we do like a clean space and it makes you feel so good and free.

These are some of our favorite and habitual ways we like to keep our space clean.

  • We wipe our feet as hard as possible on our door mats before we walk in the house. This keeps a lot of dirt outside. We try to shake the mat at least once a week. If only the dogs could use the mat too…
  • Once we are in we usually take our shoes off and put them in our designated shoe area. We have a bunch of different shoes for all seasons and conditions so we have two shoe holders, the kind you hang in a closet (we hang it from the ceiling) and a floor shoe rack.
  • Dirt somehow always finds its way in. It’s funny, a lot of the mysterious dirt is in the shape of paw prints… Usually on some down time when I’m just spacing out, a moment of chill, I’ll notice all the dirt on the rugs and floor. So I just whip out the DeWalt vacuum cleaner and do a quick clean. The vacuum is convenient to us because it has no wires and runs off a battery so it works out perfect. We get a small workout from it too. It takes about 10 minutes to do the kitchen and living room for us and makes the place so much more enjoyable at the end of the day.
  • If for some reason I don’t want to use the vacuum I will actually take the rugs outside and beat them. It’s kind of fun sometimes.
  • We use paper towels and natural all-purpose cleaner for little spills or messes from our food when the dogs can’t pick it up for us.
  • My boyfriend just recently trained me to do the dishes right after you use them! What an idea. The dishes don’t even pile up and our kitchen looks great. Before we had our off grid running water system with a holding tank, we use to just use Poland Spring water jugs for all our water uses. We’d just put the jug over our sink that drops down to our 5 gallon bucket and that worked for all our water cleaning needs with a good ole paper towel.
  • We try to keep things organized. Everything has a home. We organize our food, we try to keep our clothes hung, folded and in the hamper. (I have a hard time with the hamper so sometimes I even have a small pile of clothes that need a home, but it’s not like it’s everywhere) Be better than that and put your clothes away all the time. It makes your space look so nice!
  • If you have wall space, hang your stuff! We love hanging our things. We have jacket hooks in random spots. We hang the guitar. We even hang the bikes from the ceiling. Surprisingly the bikes look sort of normal hanging inside. We hang all our kitchen cooking stuff. We hang the dog brush, we hang our keys. All our bags are hanging. It gives the tiny house more floor space.
  • Make all the space useful. Have clever storage spots. My boyfriend built the bed frame tall, almost like a loft but not quite. Underneath the bed is a whole other world of stuff! Most of our stuff is neatly placed under the bed. It’s nice and useful because all those things would be all over the place and unattractive if it wasn’t under the bed. Again, it gives more floor space throughout the place.
  • Totes, totes, boxes and more totes. I swear we are not hoarders, but we do use a lot of totes. We use some boxes too. But we have a camping tote, a racing tote, tools tote. Totes is what we put under the bed. Keeps things together and easy to move and keep in place.
  • If you can have a shed or trailer or multiple vans like we do, I recommend that. We use one van to store wood and a number two toilet. The other van has random tools and supplies, some bikes and other fun stuff. We have a shed that also stores a lot of things we need. It seems you don’t realize how much you have/want/need until you go tiny. We like multiple out buildings.

So there you have it, little ways of keeping our space clean.

Let us know in the comment section if you try our advise and how it goes. Also feel free to tell us about your ways of keeping your home clean.

Thanks for reading! Now back to da wooods.

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