Holly Heath

About the Artist

Holly grew up in a small mountain town in New Hampshire. She started being recognized for her art as early as the third grade given a “Georgia O’keeffe” award. She entered many art contests throughout her school years receiving awards and being displayed in different shows throughout the state. She took a course in illustration and photoshop at a local community college. She took a long 8 year break before stating art again. In that 8 year break she worked on photography. She won a recent photography contest in 2021. She made the switch from photography to art in 2021.
Holly is drawn to the woods. Anything that comes from the earth is where her art comes from. She is inspired by vivid, bold colors and contrasts. She incorporates these colors into her work. She enjoys putting colors into her subjects that you would not normally see. She goes out on long walks with her camera to collect photos of anything that captures her attention.

Artist Statement

I appreciate the creations from the creator of this universe, God. I love living a life as natural as possible. Roaming through the woods, collecting ideas for more art! I use bright, happy colors to paint or draw landscapes and animals. I can’t help but to see paintings everywhere in nature. You’ll catch me taking a million photos of things in nature at every angle possible.