Living in The Woods

Do you want to live off grid, live more sustainably, have a successful camping trip or maybe you’re experiencing a power outage due to weather or other conditions?

Well you’ve come to the right place! We’re on a journey living off grid right now. We’ve learned some things along the way (still learning) and we will share our knowledge so you can be more at ease while living off the grid. We have some “guides” “how to’s” and “personal stories” that may lead you in the right direction. check them out below. 

Traditional Tanning Furs
My dog inspired me to make home made dog toys. Which led …

Let these stories give you some ideas. Have fun, be safe and do your research. We’ve added some links in these posts to lead you to other websites and products, you can start your research there! Every product and website we post we use and have had great success with them. To view more posts you can go to our All Posts page. Play around with the website, there’s a slide out menu on the top of the screen and a menu at the bottom as well.