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My Wishes Come True

In this post I’m going to tell you how my dreams came true. I’m going to explain it in a couple different ways.

Let me note, my dreams were not really out of reach. They were simple. I wasn’t wishing for a million dollars or a certain amount of anything and my dreams changed a lot through time.

I’m a dreamer, always have been. I have vivid dreams at night and get easily distracted with day dreams during the day.

It’s not that I’m thinking bigger and better, my ideas are always changing just like how this world is always changing.


I worked in retail for six years. There were boring days and no brainer days. I worked without ever thinking about what I was doing.

I took advantage of this and just day dreamed. I would picture my life how I wanted it. I pictured what I wanted to do for work, how I wanted to help people, how I would make money, how my ideal comfort zone would be, what I wanted to do in my free time, it goes on and on…

I would picture everything in details. For example, I would imagine my ideal van. I would picture living in it and how the inside would look.

I actually thought out my life as it is now. I pictured living in a tiny home somewhere sitting in the woods. I pictured taking a second home, a van, out for the weekends. I imagined having a loving boyfriend and two dogs. Everything I have going for me now are all things I dreamed about in the past.


While working, or late at night when my mind wouldn’t settle I would find a piece of paper and write lists. I would write lists of things I want in life. I would write in list form and as journal entries. I would write my ideas of how to get where I wanted to go in life.

I would go on sites like Pinterest and search for interior designs of vans and tiny homes. I would dream for hours. Pinterest and Instagram really help visualize what you want.

It was probably over a course of six years that my dreams came true.

I believe the secret of making my dreams come true was thinking and dreaming about it constantly in great detail.

Then, just as I thought about my dreams constantly I would lose my care a little, I would settle down and stop thinking about my dreams so much. (that is the secret. to stop caring!)

Once I stopped caring and obsessing, all those things I wanted started to fall together slowly. My dreams started to come true.

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If you read my personal story you’d see it wasn’t all easy. Some of the things that happened that lead me to  my dreams  coming true were sad times. I had to go down to go up.

This isn’t a magic trick or anything like that. It’s about energy and balance. Once I balanced out my feelings toward my dreams they started to come.

I believe you can apply this idea to anything in life. You feel strongly and then you settle it down.

When you settle down on your strong feelings toward something, you give it room to come to you.

When I was in my lows I started to see things I already had and began to feel gratitude.

The trials and errors that came to my life humbled me in a way. (being humble is a huge secret and tip I feel no one talks about)

I realize now that when you have a horrible time in your life and it seems like you’re at your low, you will spring back up to your high in life.

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But also, you shouldn’t obsess about the lows in your life. You should not dwell on things and be stuck in your thoughts.

You need to let the bad feelings and thoughts pass through.

So let me go over this again, in a different way.

I would dream, obsess and fantasize about what I wanted in life.

I would research, visualize and write about my goals or things I wanted.

Then I would let it go.

I would stop thinking about it.

I would kind of just go forward with a free-spirited attitude and almost forgot about my dreams. I started to live in the present moment. I stepped into life with a grateful and positive attitude.

When things wouldn’t work out for me I would let it be horrible and tragic. Sometimes the bad days would eat at me.  I had doubts and lots of negative energy. It happens, its life.

But then just like my dreams I would let all those bad feelings go. Letting go is hard and can be confusing. It’s an interesting practice for sure. It’s hard because we feel like we can’t control the energy around and in us.

But we can. Practicing gratitude, whether it feels sincere or not can turn hard feelings around. I’ll get more in detail on this in another post.

Anyways, I would be thankful and grateful for everything I had. Being thankful and grateful is a good practice to let go of feelings.

It’s being present. You’re r living in the moment and being thankful for what you already have. It brings you to the ground, to reality.

Then slowly over time, my dreams came true.

Even though I let my dreams go, I actually knew these dreams came true because at times I would be cleaning my room or going through my desk and find the lists and journal entries I wrote. Most of those things on those lists and journal entries are now my reality.

The lists I found from a year ago, I finished the list without even thinking about it.

My journal of wishes, more than half the wishes came true.

So I believe this simple formula of thinking about it a lot planted a seed in my mind of everything I wanted from life.

By letting everything go, like hard feelings and obsessive dreams, I would be present. I was living in the now and going on with my life rolling with the ups and downs.

My dreams came true because I let them. You have to get to the point of balance.

Balance really is key here.


I went from one extreme of caring so much, to the other, being just about care free.

So again one more time, think about your dreams in detail. Look at pictures, make a scrapbook or pin pictures to a cork board to visualize if you have to. Write lists, write journal entries, do something to help you remember your detailed dreams.

Then forget them, let them go and stop thinking about them and ride the wave of life.

The idea is that you’ll be in a more relaxed state but your dreams are still in the back of your mind, manifesting without you realizing it.

Be careful what you wish for because it might just come true!

Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts below and thank you for reading, now back to da woods!